WNCT: City officials, community leaders condemn wave of Kinston violence

Victim of morning shooting dies
Credit: Photojournalist Kenneth Roundtree

Mayor BJ Murphy addressed the recent wave of violent criminal activity, saying, “These recent acts are shameful and nothing but pure evil. We will not rest until we provide these families’ the justice they are due.”

KINSTONN.C. – Monday morning in a quiet Kinston neighborhood. Crime scene tape and police cars blocked off the street and fire crews washed blood from Eastover Avenue.  It’s where police said they found 28-year-old Tracy Grady shot and lying in the street.

“These things are gang-related. The buzz on the street is, these happen, a lot of them happen because of gang initiations,” said Bryan Hanks. He’s the managing editor of the Kinston Free Press and an active member in his community.  In his weekend column, he was the voice of many, saying enough is enough. “If we don’t stop it at this point where it is right now, there’s not going to be a Kinston.”

Mayor BJ Murphy said community leaders like him are trying to put a stop to the violence. Murphy said, “No one supports this kind of behavior.”

He said condemning it is the first step, “We need a call to action. We’ve got a Crime Stoppers organization.  They need your help. They help our law enforcement officers solve these crimes.  The neighborhood watches we need more of those. We need more of them and we need them to be more proactive.”

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