WITN7: Kinston Dedicates New Fire Stations

 by Brittany Creamer


The city of Kinston dedicated two fire stations Monday after replacing one and building another for the expected growth.

Mayor BJ Murphy says due to the growth of large companies out on Highway 70 in Kinston their concern was to locate Station 3 in the most accessible area to provide the best safety. Station 3 on Hill Farm Road will replace an older station. Station 3 was built near Wal Mart off Highway 70.

The location of Station 3 was a strategic plan on the behalf of city officials. They say despite the lack of population growth in the past years, they now are expecting a pop in the growth for the city, thanks to big companies joining the industrial park. Station 3 will also have control over Highway 70 traffic lights making a better response time for those in need of help.

Public Safety Director Bill Johnson says residents could benefit with a better premium on property insurance.

In total, the two stations cost almost $3-million. Most of that was USDA funds. $500,000 of that was grant money.