WITN 7: Voters Split On If Rep. Laroque Should Resign Over Federal Charges

Reporter: Kelsie Smith/April Davis (video link)

After being indicted by a federal grand jury Tuesday, republican state Representative Stephen Laroque of Kinston is now being pressured to resign.

Wednesday House Speaker Thom Tillis publicly advised Laroque to step down, a suggestion Kinston Mayor B.J. Murphy also supports. While Laroque’s term is up at the end of the year, some voters feel he has already lost the respect of many of his supporters, since this is not the first time for these allegations to make headlines.

Laroque represents parts of Lenoir, Greene and Wayne counties. We spoke to voters in his district Thursday.

“The republican leaders of the legislature have already suggested that he should resign.They have removed him from the head of any committees. He will not be an effective head of our community,” said William Moxley

“I don’t see any point in making him resign,” said George Mewborn

As of Thursday, Laroque had not said if he will resign. He lost the May primary, so his term is over at the end of the year anyway.