WITN 7: Kinston Indians Moving To Zebulon

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The Kinston Indians minor league baseball team will be moving to Zebulon after the 2011 season. The team has been sold to Carolina Mudcats owner Steve Bryant. The Mudcats are reportedly moving to Florida.

Currently, there is no team to call Grainger Stadium home after the 2011 season. However, officials hope that will change.

Kinston Mayor BJ Murphy tells WITN, Kinston is working to bring another team to the city. Murphy says it will help that the city has almost a year to make that happen. Kinston City Manager Scott Stevens says, “Baseball is a part of what makes Kinston a great place to live. We’ll do everything we can to keep baseball being played in Grainger Stadium.” A press release says the City of Kinston owns the 61-year-old park.

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