Update on Reliable Electric Power

Since Kinston reduced electric rates by an average of 10% in 2015, we’ve already changed all street lights to LED, saving our taxpayers money.

We also started work on a second Point of Delivery for our power supply, thus reducing our dependency on one source. The unfortunate and recent OBX power outage is a great example of relying on a single Point of Delivery.
With the electric rate reduction, we also saved enough cash to implement a smart grid system that gives customers more control. You’ll learn more on this as we move forward.

The 4th major improvement was upgrading 2 of our largest circuits with new poles and lines to handle increased customer demand.

In this year’s budget, we’re upgrading the poles and lines for one of our major business thoroughfares – Vernon Ave. Stay tuned for those upgrades.

And we’re implementing all these upgrades WITHOUT a single rate increase. Special thanks to our incredible team at Kinston Public Services.