Press Release: Golden Key to the City being given to the “Eight Eighties”

Contact: Christina Alphin, Kinston City Clerk
(252) 939-3115;

Group helping Wounded Warriors receive recognition from Kinston’s Mayor

The Eight Eighties will be receiving the first Mayor’s Golden Key to the City Award given by Kinston’s Mayor, BJ Murphy, on Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 12:30 at the 30th Annual BBQ Festival on the Neuse in Downtown Kinston. Much thought and consideration was put into the recipient of this prestigious award and Mayor Murphy selected this group because of their immense contribution to the Wounded Warriors’ community. 

The group derived its name from its member-base which is comprised of eight men all over the age of eighty years old. All members of the Eight Eighties served in our armed forces during wartime and have two goals: help create jobs in America by bringing additional work to manufacturing businesses that carry out a mission of creating a “Made in America” label;  and most important, to minister to our nation’s Wounded Warriors who are now returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The Eight Eighties make shirts made of a special fabric (all US made) that are sold around the country; for every shirt sold, the Eight Eighties set aside one shirt for a Wounded Warrior.

The men of the Eight Eighties are grateful for the opportunities they have had to create jobs and appreciate the interest and support from all that share their desire to serve our Country and Mayor Murphy is delighted to show our community’s appreciation and honor to this dedicated and committed group. Come join Mayor Murphy and help honor and recognize the Eight Eighties! The members of the Eight Eighties are Junius Rose, William Whittington, John Hood, Robert Paul, O.A. “Buddy” Ritch, Chester Stocks, Guy Skinner and Fred Hunneke.

For more information, please call the Kinston City Clerk, Christina Alphin, at (252) 939-3115.