Powell Bill Allocation FY 2002-2011

State Street-Aid (Powell Bill) Program

Annually, State street-aid (Powell Bill) allocations are made to incorporated municipalities which establish their eligibility and qualify as provided by G.S. 136-41.1 through 136-41.4. The general statutes require that a sum be allocated to the qualifying municipalities equal to the amount produced during the fiscal year by 1-3/4 cents on each taxed gallon of motor fuel. The statutes also provide that funds be disbursed to the qualified municipalities on or before October 1, thereby allowing sufficient time after the end of the fiscal year for verification of information and to determine the proper allocations and preparation of disbursements. Powell Bill funds shall be expended only for the purposes of maintaining, repairing, constructing, reconstructing or widening of local streets that are the responsibility of the municipalities or for planning, construction, and maintenance of bikeways or sidewalks along public streets and highways.


City of Kinston

Powell Bill Allocation – 10-Year History

Date Prepared:  11/24/2010
Prepared by:  Keith Fiaschetti, Finance Director
Fiscal Year Amount
2011  $     591,913
2010  $     618,548
2009  $     702,690
2008  $     793,559
2007  $     715,558
2006  $     734,756
2005  $     746,506
2004  $     678,809
2003  $     750,508
2002  $     799,005