Podcast Interview with the KFP

by Bryan Hanks and Jon Dawson 

Free Press Radio Program Seven:

Kinston Mayor B.J. Murphy joins Bryan Hanks and Jon Dawson on this week’s Free Press Radio Program to talk about everything going on in the city, including the mayoral veto, the proposed Kinston Bypass and many other things. Hanks and Dawson also lament the break-up of R.E.M. and the expansion of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

  To listen:Click on the link below to download this episode. Depending on the speed of your internet connection the podcast may be accessed by clicking on the link once with the left side of your mouse, or by clicking on each link with the right side of your mouse and choosing the “save target as” option:

Free Press Radio Program Seven – Interview  starts at 8:05

Topics Covered:
Facebook changes
2009 campaign for mayor
2011 voter turnout
Outgoing City Council members
Nonpartisan elections and USDOJ
Mayoral veto
Hwy 70 bypass
Forced annexation
City Manager vacancy
Electric and water rates
My future
GOP Presidential race
I’ll be a new daddy again!

“Everyone has an ego to an extent and it’s a matter of how you control it.”

“Even during all my wins [I try to] be humble about it.  And, during my losses it reminds me about why I’m humble about my wins.”

“Wherever the Lord leads me I will certainly go.”