National Day of Prayer – Prayer for the City

Today, I was asked to pray for the city as one of five prayers were given for our country, state, county, city and schools at the GATE’s Prayer Breakfast.  Here is my prayer:

Dear God above and throughout this land,

Today as we recognize the power of prayer, we urge you to lift up this community.  We pray for peace, security, love and laughter.

We thank you for the Town of Kingston, better known today as the City of Kinston.  For 250 years ago, you implored our town’s forefathers to plant seeds here, map out parcels and streets, and begin commerce.

We ask that you grant our elected leaders of today with the same wisdom to carry out your decrees.  May our city employees bless those that they serve each and every day.  And, may those that they serve respect and honor them.

We thank you for helping us through the hurricane last year with no loss of life.  We thank you for the technology to help solve crime and for the volunteers at after school programs, who are simply trying to make a difference.

We recognize as one body that we are nothing without you and because of that foundation, which you have granted, we can still acknowledge our flaws, yet continue to work on solutions.

It’s no secret that we need good jobs.  It’s no secret that we want safe neighborhoods.  Certainly, nothing said today is a secret to you.

So, we ask for your favor as we continue working to provide a better future for our children and as we carry out our duties to serve and protect.

We implore you to grant our families with financial prosperity.  Bless the helpless.  See to it that our successes and failures in the past are not divisions for this community in the present and in the future, but a way to heal, move on and learn.  So that we may grow together and laugh together.

We ask this so that we, Kinston, may provide the infrastructure for successful commerce, educational and vocational opportunities and for a better tomorrow.

For as we celebrate our 250th anniversary, we do so in your Name.