Letter to USPS about Consolidation: Kinston Losing Jobs

United States Postal Service

Today, Tuesday, May 24th is the last day to submit public comments regarding the consolidation (closing) of the Kinston mail operations to Fayetteville.  As you can tell by the letter below, I believe we were not provided enough information to make a business case to stop the consolidation.  My office filed for a Freedom of Information Act request, but have yet to receive the information.  My argument is that we never should’ve had to make that request, if the USPS was requesting public input.

I reference the 2009 and 2011 studies in my letter and note that the public information was an almost mirror image of the two different studies.  See this link and search for Kinston, NC:  http://www.usps.com/all/amp.htm

Letter – USPS letter 2011-05-24 SIGNED