KFP: Residents rally for Kinston to be done with ElectriCities

by Wesley Brown
Staff Writer

Joe Plasky had a simple solution for the city council in quelling what many Kinstonians refer to as the “crushing” light bills that pop up in their mailboxes month after month.

Just say no.

He told local lawmakers Saturday at a public forum in Kinston against “outrageous” power bills to relay to the city’s contract negotiator with ElectriCities to not “automatically stamp” the next renewal agreement without advertising for bidders.

“It is a sweetheart contract between the 32 good ole boys we have up there representing us,” Plasky said to mayor B.J. Murphy and council members Joe Tyson and Alice Tingle.

Plasky was one of 50 city residents who filled the Kinston-Lenoir County Library auditorium Saturday to join the Soul of the Citizen — a grassroots group formed by a handful of Kinston residents — in slaying the “monster” that has become ElectriCities, the corporate giant responsible for high municipal electric rates currently drowning locals of needed disposable income.

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