KFP: Well-maintained lots considered crucial part of downtown redevelopment

by David Anderson
Kinston Free Press

Along with filled storefronts, good sidewalks and landscaping, quality parking lots are a significant factor in downtown Kinston’s redevelopment.

But not having one entity in charge of all parking lots means each of the many downtown lots is in a varied state of repair at any one time.

“Parking downtown has always had a negative connotation, mostly because of the perception that there’s not enough, but in reality there’s plenty of parking in downtown Kinston — except the courthouse at this moment, but that’s temporary,” Mayor B.J. Murphy said, referring to the ongoing county jail construction project that has resulted in the tearing up and fencing off of the rear courthouse lot.

“The city of Kinston has definitely done its part, specifically referring to the new brick sidewalks (along Herritage),” Murphy said.

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