KFP: Mayor, KCHC kick off National Health Center Week

by David Anderson
Staff Writer

Carla Pellerin, Mayor BJ Murphy and Anna Kinsey

From left, Carla Pellerin, CEO of Kinston Community Health Center, Kinston Mayor B.J. Murphy and Anna Kinsey, outreach director at KCHC, acknowledge the week of Aug 7-13 as National Community Health Center Week at City Hall Friday.
Charles Buchanan/The Free Press


Members of the public are encouraged to recognize the value of their local community health center next week as local leaders observe National Health Center Week 2011 in Kinston.

“No one in our community can deny the impact that health centers have for Kinston and Lenoir County, and the region,” Kinston Mayor B.J. Murphy said Friday at City Hall after signing a proclamation recognizing the week.

Carla Pellerin, CEO of the Kinston Community Health Center, and KCHC Community Outreach Director Anna Kinsey also attended the signing.

“One of the reasons for the KCHC’s success is their broad outreach and their relationships with the local hospital,” the mayor continued.

The KCHC, like other community health centers around the nation, gets a portion of its funds from the federal government.

The Kinston health center currently serves more than 10,000 residents of Kinston, Lenoir County and Eastern North Carolina; it offers medical and dental services, and officials are planning to offer psychiatric services as well.

National Health Center Week begins Sunday and continues through Aug. 13, when a Community Health Fair will take place.

The Lions Industries is partnering with the KCHC to provide vision screenings at the Health Center on Thursday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.; local, state and federal elected officials are also expected to visit this month.

“I’d like to thank the mayor and the City Council for recognizing the Health Center, and I think this kind of recognition is important to remind the community of our value,” Pellerin said.


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For more information on Health Center Week 2011, visit healthcenterweek.org. For more information on the Kinston Community Health Center, visit kinstonhealth.org or call 252-522-9202.