KFP: Mayor, council spar over annexation

by David Anderson
Kinston Free Press

Although Mayor B.J. Murphy has made his views against annexation very clear, a letter he wrote expressing those views recently has raised the hackles of the members of the Kinston City Council.

Council members expressed their displeasure at the letter during the opening of the recent city budget and planning retreat, mainly because they did not know Murphy had sent it.

The council had voted unanimously last Monday to have Murphy represent the city on the U.S. 70 Corridor Commission in place of city Streets Superintendent Brian Lucas, who has been on the commission for about two years.

But, following the discussion at the retreat on Murphy’s letter, Tingle made a motion to remove Murphy from the commission and reinstate Lucas.

Councilman Joe Tyson seconded the motion and the council voted 4-1 in favor; Councilman Will Barker voted against.

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