KFP: Kinston voters reject mayoral veto referendum

by Bryan Hanks
Managing Editor

Tuesday wasn’t just a day to elect new leaders or bring back incumbents — Election Day 2011 also served as an opportunity for area voters to vote on referendums.

In Kinston, voters cast ballots on a proposed veto for mayor, that could only be overturned by a 4/5 vote of the city council. The measure failed by a huge margin — 2,358-1,237.

Although Joe Tyson, who was re-elected to the Kinston City Council Tuesday night, was an outspoken advocate against the mayoral veto, he was surprised at the almost 2-1 vote against the veto.

“I was really not expecting it to be the margin that was the final tally,” Tyson said. “But I think once The Free Press began to explain to the people what the veto really meant, they had the opportunity to digest that and come up with their own decisions.”

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