KFP Column: Why doesn’t the Kinston mayor have a veto?

by Bryan Hanks
Kinston Free Press

Why doesn’t the Kinston mayor have a veto? In last week’s column, I asked if our mayor didn’t need to have more power, but why couldn’t he have a veto, like the president or governor? This is not my idea – I watched Kinston Mayor B.J. Murphy bring up the topic on this week’s Reece Gardner Show, and it seems like a fine idea to me.

Why wouldn’t one want that? If you trust a mayor enough to elect him – whether it’s Murphy or whoever is in that position – he should be the head of the city government, not someone appointed as a city manager, who only answers to the city council.

And before anyone takes this as a shot at Scott Stevens, the current city manager – don’t do that. I have known Scott for a long time, served with him on the board of the Lenoir-Greene United Way and I have found him to be an honorable man with a reputation beyond reproach. He loves Kinston, supports this city and wants nothing but the best for us.

But he is an appointed public servant and wasn’t put in that position by us. If I trust the mayor enough to garner the public vote, he should have a more valuable role than that of a figurehead.

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