KFP Column: Move underway to give mayor a veto

by Bryan Hanks
Kinston Free Press

MOVE UNDERWAY TO GIVE MAYOR A VETO: Speaking of LaRoque, is there a busier legislator in Raleigh these days? The three-term representative, who returned to the House after a four-year absence in January, has led the way in anti-annexation legislation, the above-mentioned Sunshine bill and a bill that would create commissioner districts in Greene County – among nearly 12 bills he has sponsored or co-sponsored in his first few months back in office.

One of his most interesting bills, though, is one that would give the Kinston mayor veto power, something I referred to last week in this space. If passed, the mayor would have the ability to veto any action adopted by the Kinston City Council, including ordinances and resolutions. It would take a four-fifths vote by the city council to overcome the mayor’s veto.

This is long overdue, in my opinion – regardless of who is in the mayor’s office. As I’ve stated here and on my blog, it’s ridiculous to have the mayor’s office – essentially, the face of Kinston – be only a ceremonial position.

If passed, House Bill 310 would eliminate that fact and give the Kinston mayor more power than simply holding an oversized pair of scissors at a business opening.

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