KFP Blog: Ready to get back in the saddle

by Bryan Hanks
Kinston Free Press

While I’ve been away from Kinston, I’ve still been keeping up with everything going on, thanks to reporters David Anderson, Wesley Brown, Justin Hill, Jon Dawson and Jane Moon. Some quick-hit observations from afar:

  • Kudos to Kinston Mayor B.J. Murphy for not rubber-stamping the City Council’s correspondence to the N.C. legislature regarding N.C. Rep. Stephen LaRoque’s anti-annexation bill. It would’ve been incredibly easy for Murphy to just sign off on it – but he took the harder (and more honorable) road by refusing to put his name on something he simply doesn’t believe in.
  • Anyone who thinks the City Council’s petulant act in taking Murphy off the U.S. 70 Corridor Commission wasn’t “payback” is either incredibly naïve or stupid. As I said about this matter on my blog, it’s the council’s prerogative and right to do whatever they want … but at least admit that’s what it was instead of being mealy-mouthed and claiming that being vengeful had nothing to do with your decision.

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