Guest Editorial – Energy: less government, not more

By Mayor BJ Murphy

Although the average consumer may not understand the complexity of our energy resources and regulations, we all understand that consumption of energy impacts our checkbooks. Kinston, a member of ElectriCities, has been the victim of an overestimation of growth in Eastern N.C., as well as other bureaucratic blunders. Currently, approximately 40 percent of our utility bills are attributed to debt and we have utility providers with upwards of a 30 percent differential in rates within our same county.

Recently, I read an economic report entitled “Economic Implications of EPA’s Proposed Ozone Standard” by MAPI, an organization which researches economic issues related to manufacturing. The report studied the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) attempt to reduce the ozone standard from 75 parts-per-billion (ppb) to as low as 60 ppb. As an energy novice, I won’t attempt to explain the technicalities here, but I do understand that it affects two things: the economy and jobs.

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