Educating Kids on Personal Finances

Here’s an excerpt from a recent Podcast with Kinston Free Press’ Bryan Hanks and Jon Dawson:

Begin at 31:30

“Why in the world in the public school system do we focus so much on engineering and mathematics, like calculus, when most of the people aren’t going to go in to biometric fields and aerospace fields. Now there is a market, don’t get me wrong. We need to offer those classes. But we should be drilling into our students how to manage a checkbook. How to manage a debit card. How to manage a credit card.

“Why in the world would we only leave that up to the parents is beyond me, because we obviously as a culture, which is obvious with the debate in DC now with the federal deficit, we can’t even manage our own personal finances. So, how in the world would you expect some politicians in DC to do that for you?

“Why we put so much emphasis on that type of academia is beyond me.  We should be drilling our students how to focus on a checkbook.”