e-Newsletter: June 2011 Update for the City of Kinston

From the desk of Mayor BJ Murphy

New email newsletter!

Dear engaged citizen and community leader,

In an ever increasing attempt to reach out to our community, this email newsletter is designed to give you information about the City of Kinston that you may or may not find in another medium.

Feel free to email me at bj@bjmurphy.org if you have an item you’d like to share.  Be sure to “Like” my Facebook Fan Page (see below) to get updates in real time.  Serving you is an honor and I do not take this responsibility lightly.

BJ Murphy

Budget Update
The FY 2011-2012 budget has been presented by our outgoing City Manager, Scott Stevens.  The City Council will hold a public hearing on Monday, June 20th at 7:00 PM to hear from you.

Here is a link to see both a summary and an in-depth, line by line budget: https://bjmurphy.org/city-of-kinston-budget-summary-public-hearing-on-620/

2011 City Council Elections
In November 2011, our city residents will vote on three City Council seats.  The three council members whose four-year terms are set to expire are Joe Tyson, Alice Tingle and Will Barker.  Filing for these seats will begin in early July.

To learn more about the filing process, please contact the Lenoir County Board of Elections at 252.523.0636.  Also, I would be willing to speak with any prospective candidate either before or after filing.

USPS Consolidation
The United States Postal Service is drafting plans to consolidate our Kinston operations to those in Fayetteville.  This proposal will cost Kinston over 80 jobs.

As a federal taxpayer, I certainly encourage the USPS to find ways to cut.  But, as the leader of this city, I am concerned that the request for public comment was more of a procedural “dog and pony show” and not a sincere request for input.

To see my communication with the USPS, click here: https://bjmurphy.org/?s=usps

Progress/Duke Merger
Recently, the City of Kinston decided not to pursue intervention at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) through New Bern’s efforts because our independent consultants determined that rate parity (i.e. having similar rates) with Progress Energy was not an allowable argument before FERC.

Of the six cities that took part in the independent review, only New Bern and Rocky Mount decided to pursue intervention.  Kinston decided to agree to the direction of the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency (NCEMPA) board, and at that time, the decision to intervene was still on the table.  Ultimately, the NCEMPA board decided not to intervene and instead received some concessions from Duke and Progress Energy.

Related information: https://bjmurphy.org/?s=electric

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