Download: Hwy 70 Bypass Potential Routes as of 9/20/2011

Source: NCDOT
The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is preparing environmental and engineering studies for the proposed Kinston Bypass Project, which is programmed in the 2012-2020 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) as project number R-2553. The STIP is a preliminary list of projects that NCDOT proposes to undertake, which also includes project cost and schedule estimates. The Kinston Bypass project is proposed as a four-lane, median divided freeway with full control of access on new location in Lenoir County and in the western portions of Craven and Jones Counties. Full control of access means the proposed roadway will not include any traffic signals or driveway connections; rather access to the proposed roadway will only be allowed at interchanges. Click here to see a map of the Project Vicinity and Study Area.

Hwy 70 Bypass Potential Routes 20110920

Public Comment Sheets – Due by 10/21/2011

NCDOT Presentation at the Citizens Informational Workshop on 9/20/2011

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