Reece Gardner for Tuesday November 20 2012

Join Reece and I as we discuss:

  • 2012 elections
  • “Clean Bill of Health for the City of Kinston”
  • Outlook for Kinston (demolishing houses, Arts & Cultural District, Riverwalk, industry and more)
  • Governor-elect McCrory and Spirit
  • Transitional Hold Harmless money
  • 2013 General Assembly
  • Local elementary school visits
  • Will Barker on Electricities board



Video: Reece Gardner Interview on 10/8/2012

Interview begins at 26:00.

Reece and I covered:
– Street resurfacing
– Amtrak service
– Governor’s race and impact on electric issues
– Planning updates (CDBG, updating UDO, Arts & Cultural District, demolishing blight)
– Monthly newsletter:
– Sewer expansion
– $0.25 sales tax on ballot
– Paying our obligations
– Fund balance
– S. Queen St. bridges
– 2013 Mayor’s race


Video: Reece Gardner Interview on July 24 2012

This week on the Reece Gardner Hour, Reece and I discuss recent headlines, Mayor’s internship program, 2013 Mayor’s race, street resurfacing funding increase, technology improvements at the City (kiosks, online applications and social media), future political office, Section 5 of the Civil Rights Act, endorsement of Pat McCrory (Gov), Dan Forest (Lt Gov), John Bell (NC House) and David Rouzer (US House), partnership with the Arts Council for a $100,000 grant, revitalization efforts, MLK corridor improvements, demolition by neglect.

You should see some significant improvements from City Hall on out over the next four or five years.

My interview begins at 29:15.

Video: Reece Gardner April 10 2012

Live interview with local TV host Reece Gardner begins at 17:20.  We had a fun time discussing state and local elections for 2012 and a few other topics.  Reece is a legend in is own time.  I thoroughly enjoy being a guest on his show.

Reece Gardner – April 10 2012